Sagbescheid ships with a systemd unit to start it. By default, it logs all events for all units on standard output, which is not really useful. To modify the behaviour, simply edit the options in /etc/conf.d/sagbescheid.

Command line options


Monitor systemd unit states

usage: sagbescheid [-h] [–notifier {logging,smtp,irc}] [-v] (–unit UNIT | –all-units) [–logging-level {CRITICAL,ERROR,WARNING,INFO,DEBUG}] [–smtp-from SMTP_FROM] [–smtp-to SMTP_TO] [–smtp-user SMTP_USER] [–smtp-password SMTP_PASSWORD] [–smtp-host SMTP_HOST] [–smtp-port SMTP_PORT] [–smtp-require-authentication] [–smtp-require-transport-security] [–irc-nick IRC_NICK] [–irc-channel IRC_CHANNEL] [–irc-server IRC_SERVER] [–irc-port IRC_PORT] [–test] [–test-state-from {active,reloading,inactive,failed,activating,deactivating,unknown}] [–test-state-to {active,reloading,inactive,failed,activating,deactivating,unknown}]

-h, --help

show this help message and exit

--notifier {logging,smtp,irc}

A notifier to enable.

-v, --verbose

Be more verbose.

--unit <unit>

A unit to monitor.


Monitor all units.


The log level to use

--smtp-from <smtp_from>

The address to use in the From: header

--smtp-to <smtp_to>

The address to use in the To: header

--smtp-user <smtp_user>

The SMTP username

--smtp-password <smtp_password>

The SMTP password

--smtp-host <smtp_host>

The SMTP host

--smtp-port <smtp_port>

The SMTP port


Require authentication



--irc-nick <irc_nick>

Nick for the bot

--irc-channel <irc_channel>

Channel for the bot to join

--irc-server <irc_server>

IRC server address

--irc-port <irc_port>

IRC server port


Enable testing mode

--test-state-from {active,reloading,inactive,failed,activating,deactivating,unknown}

The start state for all units

--test-state-to {active,reloading,inactive,failed,activating,deactivating,unknown}

The state units will transition to